JUNE 26, 2007, 2:34 PM-----Frostbite Falls and Black Mesa today went into trade talks today, and the Anomalies emerged with a deal and a defiant tone.. At the end of the talks and much debating, Black Mesa's own RHP Eric Gagne was sent off to Frostbite Falls. In return, the Anomalies acquired C Josh Bard and pitching prospect Humberto Sanchez.

"How can I validate this wonderful trade?" states GM Ryne O'Connor, after his little "one -sided" trade to Worcester a few days before. "Two reasons. One, I lost a prospect but gained one back and another catcher. Two, because I like it. So deal with it."

"We feel very good about this deal," said Squirrels Assistant GM Brian Sabean. "We are continuing to shore up our 'pen. Bard was not going to get any playing time, and Sanchez is a good prospect but not close to a big-league job. With this re-acquisition of Gagne, who was our closer during our first two seasons, we know we are one step closer to seriously competing in this Division of Death. Please check our blog for a more informative statement."


Anonymous said...

You know what... I'm saying it. Ryne, you had a stronger team before these 3 trades you did. You should have kept Broxton and Gagne and Chris Young... now you have crippled your bullpen, and at the same time hurt your rotation, who was only 2 strong with Verlander and Young to begin with... now you have only one strong ace in Verlander (most teams now have more), a not-to big bullpen, and still not enough offense power to play with the boys in the WEST. Eventually, my offense, which is more superior than yours, and my rotation, which from top to bottom is way, far superior, will play to its potential like it always does in BARB and will prove that your plan (not trading with teams in the West) wasn't too good to begin with when you find yourself out of 2nd and in last! Remember too when you find yourself getting beat down by not only the ARZ teams in the west, but when Frostbite goes and bites a big chunk of your team in the #*$% cause you aided a team of which was hurt to begin with (Frostbite also known as the 3-time champs in barb)... oh yea, thanks for boasting an alright rotation in Matt's team... remember, the West isn't your only worries, but so is the East!

Matt Caskey said...

sounds like Ronald is a little beefed at not being able to complete a trade with an owner.

FYI- my rotation was three strong (Haren-MLB ERA leader, Bedard- MLB SO leader, Meche- 3.28 ERA) in the second half anyways and Young just added a dominant fourth (prob. my #2 pitcher). OK... he helps.

Andrew Haynes said...

Ok, I just posted my longer statement, as promised in this short release from the league. Check it out!