With the trade deadline looming, the Darwin Finches, eager to win a post-season berth, finally paid the high price that Pottsylvania management wanted for versatile lead0ff man Chone Figgins, bringing the mercurial talent back to Darwin, where he played most of 2004-2006.

To get Figgins back, the Unnatural Selections parted with CF Billy Hall, LHP Cliff Lee, OF prospect Colby Ramus and a player to be named, believed to be a pitcher from Darwin's farm system.

The acquisitions of Ricky Weeks and Aaron Hill by Pottsylvania GM Jeff Moore over the last few weeks have made it clear that Figgins was unlikely to earn the starting job at 2B next season for the Creepers, who remarked: "While we are sad to see Chone return to the Finches after we swiped him in the draft, we are getting good value for a single player whos job was becoming that of a utility player. Billy Hall will give us an everyday SS and Cliff should give us some quality starts, something we have lacked all season due to our rotations average age... Colby will add depth to our organizations already deep outfield and we look forward to unvieling the PTBN as a Creeper next season."

As for Darwin? The deal was in part predicated by desperation, as 3B Chipper Jones and Eric Chavez both seem uncertain for the playoffs. "We needed help at third," admitted manager PZ Myers, "and we need some speed. We're station-to-station half the time. Chone was a known quantity to the organization, and fit the bill, so the front office stepped up. Now we have to see if we can get things going where we need them to be."

In other news, the Finches confirmed that the long-rumored deal to reacquire another former star (Arizona C Ivan Rodriguez) had gone dead, in part due to a dispute about Pudge's prospects for next year. 'We wanted a rent-a-player and would've sent a prospect," said GM Scott Hatfield. "But you know those guys. It's always, let's add a player here, there, and I want your futures for a guy who's on his last legs. Johnny Estrada's done a good job for us, and we'll see if we can find room for Jarrod Saltalamacchia on the post-season roster, if we make the post-season."

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