As of 11:40 AM of Monday, June 25,2007, the Worcester Eliminators and the Black Mesa Anomalies ended trade talks with a simple trade, with Worcester sending outfielder Hideki Matsui (shown at right, nursing a wrist injury) to Black Mesa for the starter, RHP Chris Young.

"I feel that Black Mesa will benefit from this trade. Our pitchers make up most of our team, leaving little room for our offensive capabilities. I'm not saying were underpowered, it's just i hate knowing that we are very prone to injuries. While this trade does not cover all the bases, our outfield has grow just a bit stronger." states Black Mesa GM Ryne O'Connor.

"Manager Joe Girardi is ecstatic", said Worcester GM/Owner Matt Caskey. Caskey would later go on to sat that "when we hired Girardi at the start of the season, we made it clear that this was his team to do with what he wanted. It was our job to give him the players he needed and we felt he needed Young more than Matsui."

Girardi rationalized the trade by calling "Matsui is very capable OF who's a perenial .300 hitter with15-25 HR/ 100 RBI potential, but that the team need was not the outfield. Matsui, frankly, was dead weight and, although he never showed it, he was disgruntled at the fact that he was not playing. AquiringYoung bolsters a rotation that was hit hard with injuries (Loewen,Sanchez, Harden) and, hopefully, he will join Bedard and Haren and go deep into games to keep our inconsistent bullpen well rested."

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Matt Caskey said...

like i said in the email, you must consider the price for consistancy. here is matsui's totals from the mlb;
2003-.287 AVG- 16 HR- 103 RBI- 163 G
2004- .298 AVG- 31 HR- 108 RBI- 162 G
2005- .305 AVG- 23 HR- 116 RBI- 162 G
2006- .302 AVG- 8 HR- 29 RBI- 51 G
2007- .283 AVG- 8 HR- 46 RBI- 60 G

His career totals from Japan;
1993-2002-.304 AVG-332 HR- 889 RBI- 1268

Young had a career year last year and his ERA was only 3.49. He is having a fantastic start this year, but he could be in line for a Brad Penny type of season (10-2, 2.91 ERA by 06 all-star break. finished the season 6-7, 6.25 ERA, totalling 16-9, 4.33 ERA).

Because of the years Crawford, Sizemore, and Rios are having, I can afford to trade Matsui for Young.

Also, Young by the 06 all-star break was 8-4, 3.12 ERA. In the second half he was 3-1, 4.00 ERA. Only three wins in the second half.

I urge all of you to look deeper into players' stats before commenting on a trade. Cleary some owners look at names more than actual performances.

Wouldn't all of you look dumb if young falters in the second half (like Hardy already) and Matsui continues to be Matsui. Ryne would and could look like a genuis and as it stands its not a bad trade for him anyway.